Our Appraiser

Kelowna, BC Appraiser:

Harvey Erickson – AACI, P. App

Email:  herickson@northcountry.bc.ca

Phone: 250-868-4996

Harvey Erickson is approaching his 50th year as a Real Estate Appraiser and Advisor.
His time and experience in the market provides his clients with a competitive economic advantage in making decisions based on sound practical advice and professionally formulated opinions.
Harvey loves business of all kind and if he could, he would offer his well-earned knowledge and skills for
another 50 years.
He is presently mentoring Keith MacPhail in the art of residential and commercial Appraisals, conducted from his Penticton Office Schoenne Appraisals & Consulting Ltd.
And is supported by office Administrator Tammy McKenzie, these three people offer a dynamic, knowledgeable, professional group of real estate analysts.
In his off-time Harvey can be found travelling the world, exploring, living life spending summer hours at his Mable Lake home and winter hours at Rancho El Mirage, Arizona.